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100mm x 150mm Grad ND 1.2 Glass Filter - 2mm thick

Price: USD $109.00
Item Number: FTG10X15GD1.2

  • Size: 100mm x 150mm; 2mm thick (works in Lee 100mm system filter holder)
  • Type: graduated neutral density 1.2
  • Edge Blending: medium-soft
  • Orientation: vertical (width = 100mm & height = 150mm for ND portion and clear portion to be top and bottom)
  • Filter Factor: up to 16 (4 stops)
  • Focal Length Range (for 35mm Photo equivalent): up to 70mm 
The graduated neutral density filter can be used to reduce the amount of light in one area of the image. The denser half of the filter will reduce light while the other half is transparent, with a gradual transition between the two. The filter can be shifted and rotated in the filter stage to affect only the portion of the image that is desired.

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