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Shoulder Pad Viewfinder Setup for DSLR with new DXA Beachtek

Price: USD $378.00 - Purchase Items via the Links Below
Item Number: multiple

Combination of:
  • LCD Viewfinder with Camera Plate: MHE3Q-P
  • Dual Handgrip Shoulder Pad System: RSA1580D-SPE
  • Mono-pole: RMPCB-SET (optional -  not indicated in price above)
  • Accessory Case: RSAP1085BC (optional -  not indicated in price above)

Key Features:
  • Combination of above items allows the setup to be used on a DSLR camera with new DXA Beachtek adapter
  • Features both horizontal and forwards/backwards adjustment; includes spacers to allow height of LCD viewfinder to be adjusted
  • Shoulder support system greatly enhances handheld operation and vastly reduces camera jitter

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