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4x5.65" Hard Shade Matte Box Package with Bracket & Top + Side Flaps (DISCOUNTED)

Price: $149.00 USD - ~ 50% Off! - No Returns
Item Number: MB4169-15FBFD

*NOTE: this is a demo item; it will function properly but may have some minor aesthetic imperfections (scratches, marks etc.). Note also, this version includes only one (instead of two) 4x4" metal filter trays (plus the usual one 4x5.65" metal tray).

*Note: the matte box includes an 85mm rubber back cover; additional adapter rings (not included) may be required for different lens sizes. Contact Cavision for assistance in determining the correct adapter rings.

Key Features


  • Includes: ARR1385 rubber adapter ring, top flap (MBF-5P), expandable side flaps (MBF-4SA) and front bracket / t-part (R256025 RST2550)
  • Includes: 2 filter stages: one with 360 degree rotation and one with horizontal insertion
  • Includes: One 4x4" and one 4x5.65" metal filter trays
  • Filter size: 4x4" fit in all stages, 4x5.65" in stationary stage; up to 4mm thickness
  • Filter tray security lock: yes
  • Fit Lens Outside Diameter: 130mm and under with appropriate adapter rings - note it is possible to use a donut but a special modified step down ring is require to fit tightly enough (contact Cavision for details)
  • Construction: Aluminum and ABS
  • Camera mounting: Must be used with a rods support system

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