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3x3 Matte Box Package with Flags and Swing Away Component with 15mm Bracket - for DSLR

Price: USD $179.00
Item Number: MB3485S-15FBSA-DSLR
Key Features
  • Suitable for Panasonic AF100, Black Magic Cinema camera and most DSLR cameras, as well as other cameras with lens sizes under 85mm; for small-medium size DSLR lenses

  • Includes swing away component for easy access to the lens
  • *Note: the matte box can accept lenses of 85mm max outside diameter (donut adapter ring provided can accept laneses with front outside diameter of between ~50mm to ~80mm)
  • *Note: the 3x3 matte box may vignette with wide angle lenses (this will be more relevant for cameras with full frame sensors)
  • MB3485S - 3x3 Hard Shade Matte Box with Top & Side Flags
  • ADU085-D45 - Donut style adapter ring for ~ 50 - 80mm dia. lenses
  • RST2550 + R156025 - front bracket for 15mm (60mm spaced) rods
  • RST-SASwing away component

Optional Accessories:

  • 60mm or 80mm dual vertical offset bracket (may be necessary if the matte box can not be vertically aligned low enough for your rods support system)

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