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0.6x Wide Angle Adapter for 82mm Thread Lens - DISCOUNTED

Price: USD $159.00 - ~ 27% Off! - No Returns
Item Number: LWA06X82
*NOTE: this is a discounted item; it will function properly but may have some minor aesthetic imperfections (scratches, marks on lens housing etc.) or minor coating issues with the optical element.


1. If shortest focal of your lens is less than 10mm, there will be

no focus issues and the wide-angle adapter should work.

2. If shortest focal of your lens is between 10mm and 20mm, a back

focal/macro is needed to focus, so check if your lens has back focal.

3. Cavision wide-angle adapters will not work on lenses with shortest focal greater than 20mm.

Key Features:
  • Provides a 40% wider angle of view
  • Mounts directly onto the lens' 82mm filter thread

  • Effect: 0.6X
  • Coating: Multi-coated
  • Suitable Lens: Ø 82mm filter thread
  • Zoom: Fixed focal
  • Focus: By macro mechanism
  • Aperture: No light loss
  • M.O.D.: 0.20m
  • Format: 1/3", 1/2", 2/3"
  • Filter thread: Ø95mm  P=1.0
  • Back thread: Ø82mm. P=0.75
  • Construction: Single element
  • Dimensions: Ø98mm X 20mm(h)
  • Net weight: 162g
  • Finishing color: Black
Optional accessories:
*Note: the wide angle adapter must be attached directly on the lens, with no filters between the back of the wide angle and the front of the lens

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