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127mm Round Circular Polarizer Filter

Price: USD $119.00
Item Number: FTG127PLC
Key Features:  
  • Reduces the amount of polarized light entering the lens
  • Helps eliminate reflections and glare off glass and water
  • Reduces polarized sky light thereby clearing up haze in the distance, providing more vivid colours in landscape scenery
  • Ideal for use on sunny / hazy days, or when trying to eliminate reflections and glare
  • Recommended when using auto metering (ie auto focus, auto exposure) as the circular polarizer won't interfere with these functions


  • Filter Type: Circular Polarizer
  • Shape: Round
  • Rear Thread Diameter: 127mm P = 0.75 (attaches to the lens' 127mm filter thread)
  • Material: Glass

Optional Accessories:

 Effect Description:

The circular polarizer filter produces the same effect as the linear polarizer but (due to the light being circularly polarized before it enters the lens) does not cause interference with the lens' auto sensors. If using the auto metering (ie auto focus, auto exposure) functions on a lens, this type of polarizer is recommended instead of a linear polarizer.  The polarizer filter reduces light entering the lens that is oriented in a single plane (polarized light) without affecting colour temperature.  Light reflected off glass or water, as well as some of the light emitted from the sky on a clear day, is polarized.  When rotated to the appropriate angle, the polarizer can largely eliminate reflections off glass or water.  Furthermore, the polarizer will reduce glare and excess sky light, thereby increasing sharpness, contrast and colour saturation of the image.

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